​                                     Helping Handmade, Inc.

Candace Greggs-Gardner - President, Main Vendor Contact

Leigh Nicoll - Founder, Vice President, Charity Liaison

Michelle'Louise Tan Julius - Historian, Graphic Designer

Lori Bachmann - Treasurer

Erin Page - Board Member, Event Volunteer

Sara Burhans - Board Member, Event Volunteer

Event Volunteers: Alisha Nocks, Ally Nicoll, Angella Nguyen, Barry Bressler, Becki Glogower, Carol Bickel, Dawn Hargrove-Richardson, Deborah Porter-Coffman, Erin Barton, Ghayda Joz, Ivy Crain, Kurt Bickel, Marilyn Thomas, Melinda Rodriguez, Michelle Rich, Sarah Bickel Del Rio, Tyler Gardner

Volunteer Staff

• Primrose Center: http://www.primrosecenter.org/

• Pawsitive Action Foundation: https://www.pawsitiveaction.org/

• It's All About the Cats: http://www.itsallaboutthecats.org/

• PALS/CARD (Autism Support): http://www.pals-ucfcard.org/
• Lighthouse Central Florida: http://www.lighthousecentralflorida.org/
• Easter Seals of Florida: http://www.easterseals.com/florida/
• Harbor House of Central Florida: https://www.harborhousefl.com/
• Orlando Union Rescue Mission: http://www.ourm.org/
• Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge: http://www.btnwildlife.org/
• Autism Society of Greater Orlando (ASGO): http://asgo.org/
• Food Pantry at Prince of Peace: http://www.poporlando.com/event/foodpantry/

Charities We Support:

Without our volunteers, these events could not be a success and not raise as much money for the charities we support!  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click on the "Contact Us" tab and let us know!  

If your business or organization would like to volunteer as a group, we will be happy to promote your participation! 

Become a Volunteer

We hope that the craft shows will generate community awareness and support for the organization, Helping Handmade, by showing the good that the organization can do and by building trust and good will.

The long-term goal for Helping Handmade is to grow our events and organization so that our Helping Handmade vendors and events are well-known in the community for the positive contributions we make.  We hope this will help us to have a large following of guests who attend our events and get to know the excellent quality of our vendors.  Through this, we hope to eventually raise between $8,000 and $10,000 at our events for the charities we support.  The more guests who attend our events, the more money we raise for the charity! 

Future Goals

Our Partners

We are grateful to our venues who have partnered with us and provide their facilities, specifically Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Polytechnic University, who are also organizations that are dedicated to serving the community.  

Please also see the sponsors tab to see what local businesses have contributed to our individual events.  

Most importantly, our partnerships are with the charities themselves.  These charities do much more for the event then just receive the funds.  They help with promoting the event, providing information to the public to learn about their charity, and often providing volunteers.  Their participation in our events will lead to our events becoming more successful for all of the charities we support. 

Mission Statement: Helping Handmade’s Mission is to raise funds for local charities by organizing events, and to support local artists by providing venues to exhibit their work.

Helping Handmade has been set up to help local charities of Central Florida, National charities, and local, handmade artisans. Each craft show event will benefit a different charity - they will be the recipient of any funds raised. Funds will be raised through vendor fees, a percentage of sales made by vendors, drawings, and donations collected at the event. 

When you come to one of our events, please support our vendors who have contributed to the charity by participating in the event and paying vendor fees, as well as the many vendors who have donated items for the drawing to raise additional funds for the charity. 

​About Our Organization