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Handmade Vendors: 

Vendors who are handmade artists will be in the largest section of the craft fair.  Your items must be made by you.  It is the seller's responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with sales tax and regulations. 

With your application, please include a link to a website that displays some of your work that is typical of what you will be bringing to the show. If you do not have a website, please email your photos to helpinghandmade@gmail.com 

Because our Venue, Polytechnic University, is supportive of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando, we are able to do indoor and outdoor options. We also have a third option for an outdoor, covered spot which will be in the breezeway that guests will pass through to get from the outdoor vendors to the indoor vendors and Magic Show.  For indoor tables and outdoor, breezeway tables, one chair will be provided, regardless of whether you bring the table or not.  Let us know if you need more than this.

Handmade Vendor Fees:

Outdoor, 10'x10' Booth ($25.00)
 Outdoor, 10'x10' Shared booth ($15.00 per business)
 Outdoor, 10'x20' Booth ($40.00)
 Indoor, 6-foot table, Bring Your Own ($31.00) ONLY 6 available
 Indoor, 6-foot table, Provided by HH, ($39.00) ONLY 6 available
 Indoor, double spot (12-foot length), Bring your own table ($60.00)
 Covered outdoor booth, in main breezeway, 6-foot table, Bring Your Own, ($25.00)
 Covered outdoor booth, in main breezeway, 6-foot table provided by HH, ($33.00)

Sponsoring Vendors

Vendors who wish to participate in the event but who are not selling handmade crafts or art may choose to be sponsors of the event.  Sponsors can set up a 10x10 booth and will be located in a prominent, highly-visible and accessible sponsor's section.  Sponsors will also be given a letter-sized sign to display that says, "Proud Sponsor of ASGO" (the charity that the event is benefiting). Sponsors can also choose to set up as one of the indoor 6-foot spaces.  Sponsoring Businesses with Booths should fill out the Vendor Application. 

Sponsoring Vendors can also choose the Sponsorship Advertising Pack, which includes the business logo with a link to your website on the Helping Handmade website, plus a pinned post that thanks you for being sponsors on the Helping Handmade Facebook Page and a post on the Event Page so guests and visitors to the website see that you are sponsors.  This will be an additional $40 on top of the booth fee.  

Non-Handmade Vendor Fees: 

 Outdoor, 10'x10' booth, ($40.00)
 Outdoor, 10'x20' booth ($65.00)
 Indoor, 6'foot table, Bring Your Own,  ($60.00) ONLY 3 indoor available
 Indoor, 6-foot table and chairs provided by HH, ($68.00) ONLY 3 indoor available
 Covered Outdoor Booth, in main breezeway, 6-foot table, Bring Your Own ($45.00)
 Covered Outdoor Booth, in main breezeway, 6-foot table provided by HH, ($54.00)

Sponsorship Advertising package, $35.00 in addition to the booth fee. 

Sponsoring Businesses/Corporate Sponsors

Sponsoring Businesses who do not want a booth are welcome.  Helping Handmade will promote your business on our Sponsors Tab on this site, on our event page on facebook, and will also display your banner near the Check-in Tent where guests register for door prizes (maximum dimensions of banners = 5'x4', provided by your company).  Sponsoring Businesses without booths do not need to fill out the Vendor Application.

The fee for a Sponsoring Business without a booth is $50.00. 

Business Sponsors who do not want a booth can email helpinghandmade@gmail.com to make arrangements for payment and delivery/ordering of banner.  


If you are interested in participating, please click on the link below to read further information and the requirements for vendors.  After reading the requirements, at the bottom of the page you will find the link to the vendor application form.

Link to next step in application:
Vendor Details, Requirements, and Agreement