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Food Truck Vendors

You will have a prime location, parked along the East side of Summerlin Avenue from Kaley Street until Wadeview Park.  Guests will walk past your trucks to get to the entrance of the event, and inside the event will be tables for them to sit and eat.  

We are hoping to have 6-8 food trucks to limit too much competition, and we will ensure that no two vendors sell the same type of food.  

The fee for the event is 10% of sales, which will be entirely for the charity.  In the past, we have done events where food truck vendors very obviously misrepresented their sales, so understand that those trucks will not be asked to do another event.  Your customers will be purchasing your food with the full confidence that 10% of their purchase will go to the Homeless, so this is very important. 

While our event has a facebook page, the majority of the advertisement is being done through Boone High School's students and parents, the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (the charity that 100% of the proceeds will go to), a few local churches, and through fliers, signs, and posters that all point to this website for further information.

Food truck vendors should arrive between 9:15 and 9:30 to set up.  Before this, the tent vendors will be using Summerlin to unload their vehicles, but they will be cleared out by 9:15 or directed to park in the Wadeview Park parking lot.

If you would like to be a part of this positive, community enriching event, please complete the food truck vendor application:

To apply, Click the link below: