Vendor Instructions & Terms

Payment: Payment must be made within five business days of approval, or your spot in the event is not guaranteed. Payments can be sent by checks, made out to “Helping Handmade.” Mailed payments should be sent to 3001 Greenmount Road, Orlando, 32806. Alternatively, payments can be made using PayPal (with a 3.5% fee to cover PayPal’s transaction fees added). Your acceptance email will have the total amount to pay if you elect to use PayPal, and a link to make this payment. Please contact if you have not made your payment in time to make sure your space is still available.

Parking: Vendors will be sent an email in the days leading up to event with a parking and unloading map. Once you unload your items, you must move your vehicle to the designated vendor parking spaces.

Set-up and Check-in: Set up begins at 9am for vendors. At this time, you will be able to check in with the designated volunteer to find out your booth number and location. Booths must be completely set up by 11am and be open for business. All booths must look professional and be maintained. All boxes and packing material must not be visible.

Break-down and Clean-up: Booths must remain open for business until 5pm. Vendors must be completely cleared out of the area, including clean up, by 6pm. Make sure to make arrangements if you will need help breaking down your booths.

Star Vendors: Vendors are encouraged to become Star Vendors to help motivate customer spending and to help raise more money for the charities. Star Vendors will contribute at least 5% of their sales, which will go directly to the charities as part of the total money raised by the event. Vendors will be given bright signs for customers to see with their Star Vendor number to let customers know they're committed to the cause! Star Vendor payments must be made by cash or check at the end of the event during clean-up time. Vendors who elect to be Star Vendors, but do not give 5% of their sales will not be invited to do any future Helping Handmade events. Alternatively, if you feel that you are not good at accounting or that you do not want to worry about keeping track of sales and making Star Vendor payments during clean-up, you may also elect to pay a flat fee of $20, to be paid with your vendor fees. You may not change your mind and switch to the $20 option after the event has started. Star Vendors should make sure to turn in their money and display sign back to the check-in tent before they leave, in the form of check or cash. Credit cards can be used with an additional 3.1% fee.

Swag Bags:
We will be giving out Swag Bags to the first 50 adult guests. This is a great way to give guests a taste of what your shop offers as they walk in the door, and something that they will take away with them to have your contact information and promotional materials. This also helps draw in more guests and encourages them to arrive early. If you are adding your items to the swag bags, send a picture of the item as soon as you can to These photos will be used for further promotion of the event.

By submitting an application for participation, all vendors and exhibitors agree to comply with the following:

  • Booths are allocated as they are being sold. If payment is not received in a timely manner, booth spaces  will not be held. Vendors who do not pay in the 5 business day time-period may need to re-apply. There is no fee for re-applying.
  •     Payment for the event is non-refundable.
  •     Final placement and layout will not be provided ahead of time - vendors must check-in upon arrival to find out their booth number. This is because the layout might need to be changed if there are any last-minute cancellations.
  •     Vendors agree to set-up and stay open for business during the indicated times. All vendors and exhibitors are required to clean their areas upon exit.
  •     Vendors must conduct all activities within the designated booth space only. Vendors may not pass out materials or products outside of their booth area. Vendors may not have items in front of their tables because walking space between tables may be limited for guests. Any displays must not extend into the gaps between tables.
  •     Indoor vendors may not tack, tape, or affix anything to the walls of the building.
  •     Vendors will be solely responsible for all equipment necessary for set up and display at the event. Electricity will be available for select  spots, and is a $10 extra fee.
  •     Sharing booths is permitted only if vendors have already made plans with a sharing partner and both vendors apply.
  •     No food or beverage items may be sold by any vendor or exhibitor. There will be food options available for those who wish to purchase food at the event..
  •     No smoking is allowed on site. This is a requirement from the venue.
  •     Amplification of music or voice, which could become a nuisance to other vendors and/or guests, shall not be permitted.
  •     Vendors must not display any signs or banners with obscene, illegal, or pornographic items. Please contact Helping Handmade for confirmation if you are unsure about your products before applying.
  •     Vendors who do not comply with rules for the event will not be asked to participate in future events with Helping Handmade.
  •     Vendors agree not to hold Helping Handmade, Inc. or the Primrose Center liable for any damage or injury that occurs at the event.
  •     Vendors agree to regularly check emails, the event pages, and this website for any additional or changed instructions for the event, including junk mail folders or filtered mail locations.

If you have read and understand the vendor information and agreements, please click here to apply!